Do you purchase organic vegetables and fruits for baby during weaning? They are extremely expensive.

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Although expensive, you can be sure that the food has not been treated with chemicals. Look out for the USDA organic label. There are some things which you shouldn't scrimp on, and food is one of them. More so if it's for your baby. Agree with Diana's suggestion of growing vegetables at home to cut costs.

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Seriously I don't care. We all grew up eating non-organic food too! I cannot deny that cost is a factor. Some organic products are 3 times more expensive than the normal ones which I find absurd because the benefits will not be 3 folds. I do buy some organic products if the price difference is not huge and organic vegetables really look better, but it's not a must for me.

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When baby is less than 1 year old, I would recommend you to buy organic products instead since baby's tummy is still too young to take in excessive chemicals and pesticides. You can try to plant some home grown vegetables too.

No I don't think it's a need to use organic vegetables or fruits. I only purchase organic products if it's the only type available for the day.