Do you co-sleep with your baby?
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i think co- sleep with bby is fun coz i love see the bby's calm easier to me to look after my bby and i think it more safe co-sleep with me...

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wow, 80% of 518 people co-sleep! 😍 We co-sleep since birth, it's only the bed that changed 😅 Sofa bed -> spring mattress -> foam mattress

i love co-sleeping with my bby girl but prang ayaw nya kasi bigla nlang yan lilipat sa higaan ng grandparents nya. 😑

It's fun to co-sleep and it strengthens the bonding between us.

I wish.. ☺ pray for me to get a little cute one 😀❤

I love co sleeping with my boys, not an ounce of regret.

Ya its true by sometimes cuz i got a lot job to do done! ✅

I feels so uncomfortable without my bby.....

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yes and it's easier to breastfeed him 😊

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Yes, I do co-sleep with my baby.