Did you meet your spouse...
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When you were children?
In secondary/high school?
In university?
At work?

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none of the above. my husband is my personal workout trainer/coach, i secretly had crush on him. one day he just asked me if I want to marry him and i told him to meet my dad. so fast forward 1 year later we got married, then 9 months after we had our 1st baby, a year then 2nd baby is coming. so hope our marriage would be happily ever after till old age, I don't wanna go through dating again. 🤣🤣

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First laid eyes on my husband at a park I use to hang out at in middle school, than when I worked at the mall he use to come in a flirt with me. Lost contact after I got really sick he spent years trying to find me but didn't know my last name. Once he found me we got together and got married. He didn't want to lose me again now we are starting our family.

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My husband stay just next blk. We kinda grew up tgt. Playing at the playground, with all the other kids in our neighbourhood. As we grew, we dated other people but still meet-up chill session with the rest. And yeah, slowly friends to lovers to married.

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None of the above .. my spouse was totally stranger coz ours is arranged marriage.. took a year to understand each other .. now it’s been 5yrs to get married n hv 3yr boy

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I wished i met him earlier.. But i believe everything was planned in time :)

During my University days but not same school he was a graduate already

Family arrangement..But he is so kind.. Thanks to allah for This gift..

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He was my classmate in University but we don't get along by that time..

We had arrange marriage so he came to see me at my home

At work. I was the nurse of his grandmother and he saw me.