Did you breastfeed, or are you planning to breastfeed your baby?
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Yes, I did and still am
I tried but it didn't work out

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Yes, definitely will breastfeed, unless there are any medical issues.

Breastfeed my 1st son for 3 years and now my 2nd baby too..

i did. but stopped at 11am. separated from baby for 2 mons.

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Breastfed my second child & doing so for my 3rd child now

I failed in #1 and now I'm pressing on with my #2

breastfeeding is the best for your baby

3 months because I have to back to work

I love my breastfeeding journey

Planning to breastfeed my baby

3yrs and still gg on strong

4y ago

I smacked the mouth also no use :( really driving me crazy