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It's fine to reprimand your children sometimes. Kailangan talaga. But let me share my experience as a child whose mother never said sorry for anything. I was very close to my mom growing up. But after becoming a teenager, I noticed na ang dali nyang magalit at mainis sakin. At the smallest things. When I would tell her things about what happened sa school, she would berate me about the things I didnt do and what she thinks I should have done. I don't hate her for it. I can't really blame her. She was a single mom until I was 15. She worked hard to give us a good life. But every time, I began to withdrew from her kasi pakiramdam ko kahit anung gawin ko, maiinis lang sya sakin. I am now 33 years old and 27w5d. I am married and I live independently from her and my dad. But until now, if I need help from her, I always hesitate and stop myself kasi iniisip ko lagi "ay, wag na. Maiinis lang si mama sakin." I second guess myself all the time. I am always anxious and feel like every decision I make is wrong. I have trouble standing up for myself and saying no because I'm afraid of making people mad. I told myself, as much as I love my mother and appreciate everything she has done, I don't want my son to feel this way towards asking me for help when he grows older. I want him to know that he can trust me and talk to me anytime he wants. Anytime he's ready.

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Before naging ganyan din ako for a certain period of time lalo na noong nasa peak ako ng depression stage ko but I changed my parenting style. Positive reinforcement na ang ginagawa ko.

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minsan nakakaranas ako ng ganyan napapagalitan q mga anak ko sa sobrang pagod ko

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Sad but sometimes true 😢

nakaka guilty nga 😔

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Well said🙏🏻

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Guilty ✋😣