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Dear mummies who went for C-sect... I'm going for my C-sect soon and it's nerve-wracking... What's worse is that hubby can't accompany during this period. ? Any tips for a FTM going for C-sect or some things you hope u knew before going for one? TIA!

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I think the worst part about the c sect was the anticipation of going into the OT and the epidural. The feeling was shitty when they started pushing you on the wheelchair into the OT. The epidural wasn't pain but the whole room was very very cold, they give you a blanket to cover your front but it was ultra cold. No pain when the needle when in but more of a sourish feeling. After that you just lie down then the feeling in the legs very heavy and they start cutting you up and sooner than you know the baby is out in front of you. But not having your hubby there sucks, jiayou jiayou

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1) Have a good hearty Dinner the day before your C sect because you can't eat on your C sect day and you only get to eat after you are back to the ward & only when the ward prepare the meals. 2) Have a good long sleep before your C sect day. It will be tiring after you give birth, my wife was exhausted after C sect. 3) Don't panic, don't think about anything. Trust your hubby and the Medical Team. Relax, just think about when you get to see your baby will do =)

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The side effect of epidural is different for everyone. I don't have any effect but my friend they do.

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only remembered having a good meal the day before 😅