Baby head not turned

Dear mommies, I had my scan at 32 week and baby still not turn head down. Any advices?

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Hey mommy to be am also at the same week and my baby is still in complete breach .....I have been told that not to worry it can change and move by the 35th week or just before delivery as well don't worry your self ....its perfectly normal even till full term if baby doesn't change position they can try to manually change the position of the baby if the Dr is experienced in that or else will opt for a c section keep calm and relax ....all will be fine just be ready for what ever it is vaginal delivery or csection as long as baby is out and is in perfect health.....God bless you and the little one.....

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Hi..try to calm. Some baby need more time to turn head. Just mine. I had breech baby at 27 weeks till [email protected] weeks something. I can felt his head just nearest with my ribs. So i totally knew he was breech. But now i am 33weeks +++ my baby is correctly turn head down. My tummy feeling more comfortable. Breathing well. Maybe i did walking more before then its helps to make baby turn head down too. Maybe u can do it too. But makesure u are very well enough. Some mommies are quickly tired. Just do it as you can.

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ganyan din ako Pero w/in one month naging ok na ung position ni baby nkahead down na sya ngayon🥰 ..transverse dati ung position nya last month & kanina follow up check up ko ok na sya..sobrang saya ko...ito po nirecommend ng OB ko 1.) wala ka pa dapat kinakain(empty stomach)kapag Gagawin mo sya. 2.) maglagay ka ng unan sa ilalim ng pwet mo habang nkahiga.(wag po maglalagay ng unan sa ulo)atleast 30mins/day. 32 weeks ndin po ako ngayon.sana po makatulong din sainyo mga mommies🥰God bless po🙏

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There are some simple exercises to encourage baby to turn. One of the poses is to get on all fours and lean forward. Of course consult your Gynae before doing any exercise and if you don't have any complications.

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Me too. 23weeks breech. But every morning I put speaker down on my belly and he follows the sound and then I put flashlight as well.. Hoping that it will turn down his head on the next ultrasound. And I played Christian music every morning. GOD WILL KEEP US SAFE MUMMIES

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Maaga pa naman yung 23weeks sis iikot pa yan🙂

Mag patugtog po kau lagay nyo sa puson nyo. Or flashlight po sa puson kse susundan nya yan naaaninag nya na ksi ung light..Then always on left side mag sleep . Natuwad din ako minsan turo lanh saken hehe.. Saken ngayon 32weeks cephalic na. .

Music therapy. Lagay niyo sa puson niyo. Lullaby mas maganda. Or dun niyo ilagay sa pwerta niyo pag mag sleep kayo. Hndi sa mismong pempem ha. Don sa baba lang. Basta marinig ni baby. Hahanapin niya kasi yung tunog. Wag masyado malakas.

The doctor told me not to worry up to around 37 weeks but in most cases the earlier the baby turns most likely they will be born earlier than a baby that took longer to turn as this is their position to get ready to be born

At this stage, dont worry its ok. Try to go for more walking, slow strolling with your hubby accompany. Talk to your doctor about your concern and let him/her advise u further. Relax....

had similar case and it didn't turn till 39 weeks. doctor said I had to go in for elective cs. meanwhile at this stage exercises might not work especially if the baby weighs up to 3.5kg