1 yr daughter

My daughter behave not normal she keep tantrum when she not get what she want and she naughty.. I find it diff from my SIL kids which same age of her.. Sil kid behave good look matured and good to understand what people say to her so intelligent , but my daughter the more say no the more she do and she nvr understanding not matured... Should bring DR to check her? First mom here

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no need mummy .. they have their stages and not all kids the same .. she is only 1 year old .. need more attention and love .. girls are hard to handle .. boys are playful .. its tiring and stressful .. its normal 😘

Super Mum

The grass is always greener on the other side. From what you said, I think is pretty normal. My daughter will also cry when she cannot get something she wants. You just have to distract her.