my daughter keeps says she is unhappy and wants to run away. Any suggestions how to improve this?

My daughter is 10 years old and keeps crying if I dont fulfill all her demands. Cries her way out and threatens that she will commit suicide. Any suggestions?

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Seek professional help from Counsellors and spend more time with her, even if it is just to listen to her problems Hope you’ll get through this 🙏🏻

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Oh my, please do seek professional help in the first place. This is important. Be patient and supportive of her.

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Seek counselling. Do spend time with your daughter also, go for walks, meals, be her best friend

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Talk to a school counselor it may help

4y ago

She is already seeking help from school counselor. All she writes is that mommy cries all day and I feel helpless. She blames herself for relationship issues with my husband.