baby diaper recommendations

hi my babygirl is 1 month old. i've been using mamypoko tape NB but her urine always leaks out at the back. any reccomendations for diaper that doesnt do that? sometimes her diaper isnt even wet infront. isit cause she is too big for NB? she is 4kg or i have to change brand.

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If your baby can no longer fits e “123” sticker, I suggest to change especially 4kg baby is more to S size for Mamypoko..

2mo ago

thankyou alright yup husb will be buying later tonight

Dryper wee wee for day time and dryper touch for overnight. Ensure there’s no gap at the back when putting on the diaper.

2mo ago

alright will consider to try out those brands thankuu

Can up size to S try huggies.

2mo ago

which type? silver,gold or platinum better?

can used drypers or huggies

2mo ago


rascal and friends

Try huggies naturemade?

2mo ago

great i'll try this hopefully its okay. so far she has no rashes using any kind. just her pee² will leak behind 😂


2mo ago

but it mine wont turn to a darker colour when wet tho. maybe i just need to upsize 😅