9 months old baby prefers oatmeal than porridge

Currently my LO is 9 months old and she prefers Gerber oatmeal than porridge that i cooked. Tried so many times but still not liking it. Can i give her breakfast/lunch/ dinner oatmeal? She seems to like it. Do i need to worry if she doesnt like porridge? #pleasehelp

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You don’t need to worry if she doesn’t like porridge, but I wouldn’t give Gerber oatmeal for 3 meals. I feel we should expose baby to all different kind of food, and when you keep giving same food, they will develop a preference on it & become picky eater later on. You can try giving noodle, pasta etc. As for porridge, I make it flavourful (pumpkin, chicken, egg, veggie, goji berries). The porridge taste really good

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