Currently in my 7th week. In these 7 weeks alone, I have encountered once bleeding and now brown spotting. It is very stressful and frustrating. For those with same encounter, do you rush to the hospital as and when you encountered spotting?

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Bcos of my past biochemical pregnancy, Every time I see spotting, I go to gynae to check to make sure everything is ok. It’s up to a point that I visit gynae weekly due to spotting in the initial weeks. But I feel it’s all worth it, at least I feel assured that my bb safe

3y ago

Yes. My record is also 2x a week. I’m prescribed duphaston too and I even got a progesterone jab on my 9 week (when I have brown discharge). Im 11 weeks now and didn’t see any brown discharge . (Pray!!)

Went to the O&G everytime to get the OK from doctors. There's a bleeding chart at the triage that you can refer to for future references.

3y ago

Thanks! Rushing my way down now.