Spotting from 5th to 7th week

Hello everyone, it started with mild spotting in 5th week and one episode of bleeding in 6th week, went to obgyn they said they are able to see gast and yolk sac but no fetal pole and it’s not ectopic and gave me dydrogesterone 10mg 3 times a day... still the spotting continues and yesterday I had one more episode of bleeding(which is less than previous episode, it’s bright red) but no cramps... I am now on my 7th week .. Can anyone suggest they have similar experience and went on with normal pregnancy #pleasehelp

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Hi, I had heavy bleeding twice during week 13.. went to A&E both times and its caused by a polyps. Doc said it can only be removed after delivery, so meanwhile I have to live with and monitor the bleeding. At week 25 now, still have some spotting once in a while, but so far I'm doing ok. Better to get it checked if the bleeding continues.

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in my 1st pregnancy i had no spotting however in my 2nd pregnancy i do hv spottings 4 months pregnant now, baby also ok. My spotting was bright red mixed with thick clear mucus. If u feel anxious than see gynae.

hows everything now? coz I'm experiencing spotting too on my 7th week and I'm worried.

10mo ago

I am in my 22nd week now everything is normal 😊

I have experienced no fetal pole :(