Do you think it's better to starve until the next day or eat junk food when hungry?

Currently 24 weeks but very nauseous, esp at night so occasionally i couldnt eat my dinner or eat very little. Thing is, I'll be very hungry later, but don't have "healthy food" (which I can stomach) at home only have junk food like chocolates, biscuits and instant noodles or frozen finger food (which I can still barely eat). Was wondering if it would be better to snack on junk food so at least I have something in my stomach, or just avoid the junk food and dont eat until I feel better and eat healthier the next day? What do you guys think? #firsttimemom #advicepls #FTM #firstbaby

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I dont care healthy or not, when I am dizzy, nauseous esp at night, ill grab anything light like biscuit, bread, chips and then drink plain water. I won't stuff myself hungry till next day. Never. Atleast when you eat something abit, you can sleep peacefully.

Eat something! Starving yourself would make you even more nauseous and bloated, causing a further loss in appetite. I ended up with dangerously high ketone levels from starving myself and then had to be warded in hospital for 3 days on IV drips 💉🥴

you have to eat something even though its junk food or little, It will be worst if you have gastric during pregnancy, I just recover from it two days ago, I also have this habit of not eating and gastric is the worst feeling

I prefer to eat half healthy food such as toasted bread with avocado, or some flavoured fox nuts 2 pcs of dark chocolate or some high sugar fruit etc .. they are not super healthy but I feel less guilty. Or

just eat. but moderately. when you have the time and energy, then can you go and buy smthg healthy to stock up at home for snackings. having healthy diet is important but don't deprived yourself too much.

Just eat a bit to avoid gastric on the next day which will lead to more issues. Try stock up yummy muesli, oat cookies for pregnant mom, dates, nuts, easy to eat fruits (grapes), bread with spread..

You can buy whole meal bread and keep it in the freezer, can just oven bake to heat it up. Or frozen edamames, healthy crackers. Stock up healthier food:) but don’t starve yourself!

Definitely don’t keep yourself hungry. Eat little hit of biscuit or bread. Also, keep fruits in your fridge so that you can have some at night when you are hungry

I would eat. I feel more nauseous when hungry, so maybe just a small snack to help ease my hunger and nausea first. Something healthier the next day then.

Honestly, i eat junk more than “healthy” normal food. Especially when i dont bave appetite. Either maggi or mcd (‘: as long as i eat something