Anyone can provide a rough cost of getting PEM nanny and total marketing cost for the 28 days.

Cost of PEM nanny and total expense

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Quoted $3850 for 28 days, just ended confinement in Oct. Nanny's angpao around $100, inclusive of both start and end work. If u get the herbal bath, confinement soup and post natal massage packages, those will also bump up your cost. Also to factor in food for nanny. She eats whatever we eat, so it's just an extra portion. Also need to cater space and bed for nanny, and basic toiletries ie shampoo and body wash.

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Just ended my confinement with PEM. It was $3850 for 28 days, excluding the 2 angbaos for nanny, gold surcharge ($350), herbs for bathing, daily soup & red dates tea ($400+). I also topped up with postnatal massage by PNSG. So total I paid about $5000+ 🥶 Each week’s groceries is about $150-200 but it depends on what you eat.

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the marketing depends on what u get.. usually nanny will recommend some meat/fish/vege but up to you to get and she will cook accordingly. we spent about 1-1.5k plus on marketing if im nt wrong. for about 3-4meals a day and for usually 3pax or up to 5 pax (weekends when parents come). my nanny dont eat much

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Back in 2021, I was quoted $4388 (CNY surcharge $1K) excluding CL’s food, groceries and angbao charges. +- should be $5.5-$6K?

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I was quoted 5.2k which includes cny surcharge as my edd is 14 jan

3mo ago

yup..but they just simply add that one mth to get the estimated quote hahaa...ended up didn't get cause the price is too steep...I recall the surcharge is if out of cny...probably 4k to 4.2k we looking at