DIY Milestone Photography Idea

Congratulations baby Heaven for your 7 months of life, we are glad that you have adapted to this world with ease! ❤️ Cheers to your new skills! You likes bouncing up and down and kicking against things. You love doing silly things to get our attention. We are so happy to see you gaggle and wiggle around! You can now sit without support and drags objects towards you. We are also delighted every time you jabbers or says combined syllables. However you also starting to experience stranger anxiety, don't worry baby we are always here to help you feel better. We are looking forward to see you crawl, wave goodbye and stand while holding onto something. We love you so much our bubbly and joyful baby Heaven! 🥰 #HeavenUriel #7monthsold #blessed #ThankYouLord

DIY Milestone Photography Idea
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Super Mum

happy 7th month Heaven Uriel! is she Wednesday born?