Confinement lady or confinement tingkat? Which one is worth the price? What would u choose?

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I was pondering on this lately too. For me, I have 2 kids and so, I have experience with my number 3. My helper is helping me with my newborn and kids so I m considering TingKat for dinner only. Lunch can be simple meal coz only just me and helper in pm when I give birth. The meals will cost me ard $850 for 28 days but confinement lady will cost around $3 to $4k a mth. Given the fact that, I will be waking up to care for my bb myself even with CL ard. I think I can do wo one.

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Firstly have you any external support, family friends or maybe your husband to provide support, if you do then i will go with Tingkat otherwise ill choose confinement lady. Id rather have someone i can entrust baby too.

Yes i have. Is it harder to take care of newborn w/o confinement lady during the first month especially if intend to bf?

5y ago

Fully Bf My lo and no confinement lady. I think confinement meals a more important.