Combining parents' names to get a baby name?
Combining parents' names to get a baby name?
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I think that this was a fad in the 80's or 90's but not so much now. But of course, to each his own di ba? If both of the parents agree on combining their names for a truly memorable name, then by all means, go ahead! 😊

We did and it turns out to be a decent name. Easy to spell, pronounce and of course, remember. Most importantly, it has a significant meaning to the both of us. To each his own I guess.

But i manage to see some parents combined their parents name to a unique name for their kids. I guess it also depends how the parents name are like from the begining

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Why not! The two of you are responsible for this lovely gift and there is nothing wrong in adding your own initials to make your baby’s name. It’s sweet.

it's cool kasi even yung name ko combi ng mga names ng lola ko.. tsaka parang sarap pakinggan lalo na kung maganda ang combination..unique rin.m😊

Nowadays, Spanish names are "in" here in Philippines. Like Juan Miguel, Alfonso Luciano, Rosa Lucia. Even celebrities name their kids this way!

Helo po.. Patulong po kong ano ang name na madagan sa combines name namen nang asawa ko.. Yolly anne and Cedric

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it depends on parents name..meron kasi maganda icombine un name ng mag-asaw meron namn hindi ok..haha..

Basta isipin lang po natin na di nila ikakahiya name nila pag tanda nila :)

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for chinese, best not to. so we only took initials for christian names