What is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a preschool for your child?

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Cost (subsidies and other financial assistance provided for families)
Distance between home and preschool
Priority admission to primary schools
Curriculum, facilities, programmes, and the focus on bilingualism and mother tongue
Teacher-to-student ratio and school environment (within a large campus with shared resources)

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All the options are something I consider, but the curriculum is important to me as well, especially the bilingual programme

Curriculum is the most important factor for me as it helps in shaping the future of my kid :)

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All are important factors but for preschool distance from home is a major factor

Curriculum and schedule is important. Proximity to my residence as well.

It is a close tie in between curriculum and proximity to home!

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All of the above except Direct primary school entry option

Distance. The closer to home, the better the logistics

Of course the teacher quality and the academic level

Everything. Will always read reviews too

Top priority is of course the syllabus