Can I exercise during 1st trimester? Beside of walking, what should I do?

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Yes! It's good to exercise to keep fit and healthy during pregnancy! Pregnancy symptoms in the 1st trimester such as morning sickness and fatigue can discourage mommies from making the effort to exercise. I was really tired during my 1st trimester which made me not want to do much workout. I used to exercise regularly before pregnancy but after I got pregnant my body just felt so uncomfortable and tired all the time. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I told myself that I'll definitely want to exercise more and be healthier in my next pregnancy. What I'll suggest mommies is that we can do simple exercise lying in bed such as leg lifting, backward cycling.

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It's advisable for you to do just light exercising like walking or yoga. Strenous exersicing might cause unwanted mishaps, so it'd best for you to avoid anything that has body contact with another person. There are tons of centers that have prenatal yoga. The URL that I've linked up has trial classes at only $20 so it'd a great deal to try and see if you'd enjoy it withot paying for package prices.

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3y ago

how about running? i used to join running or marathon.. but during this 1st trimester everyone advised me to stop running for a while

I LOVED swimming during my pregnancy. I swam throughout my pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant I was actually trying to shed some weight and tone myself up. What an irony. Haha. Swimming is a pretty safe and low impact exercise and is beneficial for pregnant ladies.