Difference between prenatal supplement and maternal milk

Came across maternal milk and wondering if there's a need to take both maternal milk and prenatal supplement. Or is one better than the other? Thanks!

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Prenatal supplement. Maternal milk also ok but its fine to have fresh milk, oats milk, soya bean milk anything that is good. I took maternal milk for my 1st and i gained pounds drinking it. For my 2nd i didnt take. For my current 3rd too.

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Hi Desiree, they are not the same thing. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with prenatal supplements. Prenatal vits is a need and maternity milk is a plus! 😅

if you are taking milk or maternal milk than you can skip the calcium supplement. but you will still have to take the multi vit and fish oil.

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Maternal milk is not necessary unless you want to gain weight faster 🙈

Maternal milk is additional to help baby gain weight at last trimester