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My bub is currently 3months and 24days. On average, she only take 500ml to 600ml of bm per day. She usually takes ard 25mins to finish 100ml at 3hourly. I'll need to dream feed her twice to make up the daily intake. Is she underfed? Any ways to make her drink more milk? P/s: her birth weight is 3.3kg and she's now 6kg. Weight been stagnant for 2weeks.

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Hi mummy you can use the formula of weigh calculation to check if bb is drinking enough... weight(g)/48 that’s the formula we received from hospital... if bb is drinking slow maybe it’s time to change the teats.. but do note that bb is like us.. sometimes we eat more sometimes we eat less not having the same amount of food daily

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Weight/48 is used to calculate what ar? Using pigeon bottle and I've tried to change to M size teat, even worse. Cz she not sucking then the milk doesn't flow out at all.