For 8 months old baby, how do u clean their teeth? My Lo has spouted two bottom teeth. Jus thinking how to clean them thoroughly

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At first, you may find it easier to clean your baby's teeth using a piece of clean gauze or muslin. Wrap it around your finger, put a tiny smear of toothpaste on it, and rub it around your baby's teeth.  If you'd rather use a baby toothbrush, pick one with soft nylon bristles and a small head. This will allow you to reach all parts of your baby's mouth easily and comfortably as each new tooth emerges. Look at the packaging to see what age range the brush is designed for.  Replace your baby's toothbrush regularly, about every one month to three months. If the bristles start to spread out, it's a sign that the toothbrush needs changing. 

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Actually, you can start cleaning baby's mouth even before the teeth appears. Wipe the teeth and gums off after each feeding with a warm, wet washcloth or a damp piece of gauze wrapped around your finger. Alternatively, you can also buy thimble-like, soft rubbery devices that go around the index fingers or dental wipes to clean baby's teeth.

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I always clean her teeth with wet handki when i shower her in the morning. my gal have got 4 tooth now.