My boy is 2 yrs old but he still not talking , not even papa or mama. He only speak his own langauge, doctor said his ear n nose hv no problem. How late will a baby start to speak?

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Different babies have different development pace. Try speaking more to him. Proper words. Not too fast. But slowly. It's for him to be able to grab hold of how we pronounce the words

I have a friend whose kid only start talking at 2.5yo. Did PD rule out any other thing?

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You may consult a speech therapist if you are really concerned

Is fine. Hmmm some up to 5 then start to talk.

It’s fine and normal.

Try to talk more with him. And dun let him watch too much TV let him start the conversation

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My daughter also started pretty late (about 2-ish), but when she did, she could say words that I didn’t specifically teach her to say. In fact, I recalled that I had mentioned those words while just talking to her when she was young. So just keep talking to him first and encourage him to copy your sounds if he’s willing. Read him stories every day, picture books (so he’ll start associating specific words with things), and don’t be discouraged. Every kid takes a different course. It’s a personal thing but I found that not having ipad/phone screen time for the kid really helps.

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Talk to him in full adult sentence. Not baby talk.

Talk to him more, conversation style. Not ask him copy u. But make sure he understand what u talk. Or else, he will only learn parrot style. If u are worried, bring him to KK for a check 1st. As my sister is waiting for him to talk, eventually drag it even longer.

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My eldest is also 2 years old. He’s madaldal saying “yaya” “gaga” “didi”. Do i need to bring him na sa Speech Specialist?