Have you heard of a bicornuate uterus before?
Have you heard of a bicornuate uterus before?
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No, what's that?
Yes, I have this condition.
Heard of it, but not sure what it is.

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Yes I m going through this pregnancy the uterus is heart shaped not like a normal uterus it has complications too in pregnancy that is miscarriage or premature birth something like this

No idea too but only heard of it. Went to find out: https://sg.theasianparent.com/bicornuate-uterus

I have this condition. Thank God, I had a normal pregnancy. But I delivered my baby thru C section.

3y ago

same here po, but 1st baby ko plng and 18 weeks as of now. ask ko lang po pinatanggal nyo po ba un or pina cut? thanks po :)

yes ako heart shape ang uterus ko 16weeks and 5days nakong preggy now ❤️👶🤰

yes isa po ako sa may Bicornuate uterus which is my uterus is like a heart shape

3y ago

currently 6months pregnant po ako ngaun 😊

is it ok to concve a baby wth that condtion of uterus?

Its a condition where our uterus is in love shape

Ano po yan? Gusto ko makahingi nang sagot?

Heard of it. Saw a case once.

yes. and i am one of those woman.