Project Sidekick

Being pregnant 什at this time is more stressful than before. You tend to worry that you or any of your family members might get the virus and if baby is doing fine. You worry if its safe to give birth at hospitals and what are the new protocols in giving birth. Will your newborn be safe at the hospital? Adding to your worries also is the fact that giving birth now is more expensive compared before. . Anxiety and stress during pregnancy is very common. However, if you feel anxious most of the time and find it difficult to relax, you may need help. Trust yourself to be the best judge in determining if your stress levels are normal and dont be afraid to seek help to ensure a healthy pregnancy. . Project Sidekicks aims to reduce the risks of stillbirths for parents by advocating the importance of good mental health alongside preventive measures that should be taken. . I want my fellow moms to have a safe and healthy pregnancy as well. Thats why I am supporting#ProjectSidekick and I want to spread awareness about it. 歹 Find out more at

Project Sidekick
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