Has anyone experienced Subchorionic Hematoma and go on to delivering a healthy bub?

Before anyone comment “please check with gynae” Well i did, and the only thing that they can give is a progesterone jab shot, advise to rest well and monitor closely. My next scan is in 2 weeks time. I had slight bleeding and went straight to urgent O&G. At 5 weeks, they saw blood clot next to my gestational sac which is subchorionic hematoma they called it. So that was the reason for my bleeding. What i’d like to know if there’s anyone who had it and what’s your outcome.

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I had it when I was 7-8 weeks pregnant. By trimester 2, the bleeding completely stopped. Got induced on wk38+5 because of leaking water bag. Baby was born at 2.9

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2y ago

hi can I check with u did u bleed all the while when u are in 1st trimester?as im bleed for few days as doc say i got bleed near my uterus and it will go off on its own by 2nd trimester.But baby is ok when i got scan just now.any advice frm u?