KKH 2021 backpack goodie bag.

Basically just receive my KKH goodie bag, Now there are no longer collection in the hospital premises (maybe due to covid) they will give you a card with a serial number for you to scan and fill up the form. If you don't receive kindly ask you nurse in charge upon your discharge. Once you already completed and submit you will be receiving it within in a few weeks time( mine was receive within 8 days) This can be done within 2 months upon baby birth. Just to shared with you mummy what containing inside this bag: Beside from this 2 picture, there's also another blue hand carry bag which containing the same item like kodomo brand and essense. There is no sample like before for mummy breastpad, koteks, faminine wash sachet and etc. Hope this helps for mummy that is going to pack your hospital bag. Happy confinement and stay safe:)

KKH 2021 backpack goodie bag.
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I have no idea they're still giving the goodies 🤣 I gave birth at kkh in 2021 baby is 4months now can I still get the goodies ? 🫢 or how do I apply to receive the goodies?

3mo ago

Err it's in ur discharge booklet, theres a form with ur unique code on it..