🎁 APP GIVEAWAY: Baby Shark Big Show!

Get a FREE digital Fin-tastic Activity Booklet courtesy of Nick Jr. by just watching the sneak peek here 👉🏻 https://tap.red/q00cf Comment below once done so we can email your prize! 🦈🤩

🎁 APP GIVEAWAY: Baby Shark Big Show!
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Done, watched the episode, hope to win this prize for my baby 🤩


i just watched it! i want to find out if they did get rocky back!

Done watching. My daughter & done love baby shark a lot.

Done watching the episode. Waiting for my prize!!!

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Done watching! Fun! Hope to see more activities!

done watching :) looking forward to more.

Done, hope can get the free giveaway :)

Done watching the sneak peek! 😍

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done! hope to get for my didi.

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Link is not working .. for me