My baby have a hard time finishing up her usual ml of milk so we reduced it. It could be the teat. She is 8mo and using pigeon size L teat for 6m+. Any idea which other brands of bottle have faster flow teat than pigeon?

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Hi maybe the teat is too big rather than too small? My gal is 10.5mo and she is still using S teat for wide neck bottle. My niece who is 5yo is using M teat. Does you baby find difficulty in sucking? Did she always have a hard time finishing or only recently? My nephew who is 8mo sometimes has problem finishing up milk too but he tend to finish most of it after a few tries. Some babies are like this. They don't finish at one go. So you have to try again later or distract with music. Sometimes my nephew prefer to sit in his rocker to drink milk rather than have people carry in their arms.

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