my baby has stopped gaining weight since about 2 months ago. she is now 8 months 3 weeks old and she was 8.5kg first week of sep. and she's still 8.5kg now. should i be concerned? not sure if i'm feeding her adequately. should i visit a pd?

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If u see the health booklet growth slowed down from 6 months onwards. My boy gained 500g from 5+ m to 6+ mth n the poly clinic questioned if I had started solid as bb weight dropped from ard 50perceNtile to ard 25% n ht only increase 0.5cm...From 6+ Mths to 7 + Mths mine grew 2cm, 300g increase and poly clinic implied that I'm underfeeding both milk n solid and told me to increase both. Though many think that if bb is active etc n has enough wet diaper there is no cause of worry .. but I want him to grow so I increase his solid

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It is quite common for weight to slow down when they get more mobile. My LO is 8months and is only 7kg. She eats well - 2 meals of porridge a day plus 700ml of milk. I believe her slow weight gain is contributed by her activeness (started crawling since 5 months) plus we are not big size parents. How about your LO? Is she actively moving around? If she is, I wouldn't bee too concern.

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My gal's weight dropped too. She was 9.2kg around 9mo but now at 10 plus months she dropped to 8.9kg. I have given her slightly more solids but not say a lot more and she is very mobile these days. I am concerned too