Baby refuses bottle milk/formula milk

My baby is fully bf and she’s almost 15months soon. I’ve attempted many times to bottle feed her but failed. Changed bottles, changed fm and now trying out fresh milk but rejected yet again. We have tried using sippy cup/straw cup but she refused when she tasted the milk. She always wanna latch. As much as I’m enjoying the bond together, I would love to have her bottle feed too as to prep her for playgroup soon. I am at my wits end. What should I do?

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Try to let her drink but by bit from a small child cup, maybe she is keen to use a cup like us adult instead. Different brand of fresh milk taste slightly different, you can try other brands. After 1 year old, milk it’s just a supplement, make sure she got all the nutrients from solid instead. If she doesn’t wanna drink the milk that you offer, don’t let her latch, so that she will understand that she is now going to drink fresh/formula milk, no longer latching anymore. I weaned off latching my LO when she was 15 months, coz she started to bite every feed.. 😅 I let her drink fresh milk. Started to give her when she was 12 months during afternoon milk intake, slowly giving get fresh milk in the morning too, then at 15 months, totally weaned off including before bedtime. So she will drink from a straw bottle or a cup before putting her to bed/nap.

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