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Baby is due in 3months or so and what i thought have been discussed with my husband was brought up again. Confinement period. I’ve told my husband that I will prefer to do my confinement at my Parent’s. We are currently staying at husband’s parents hence he suggested that I should do my confinement here instead. How do you persuade/tell your spouse that it should be your choice where you want do your confinement and not anyone’s. I’ve told him few times but it seems like he don’t understand the situation 😞 anyone went through something similar? Mind sharing? 😔#pregnancy #advicepls

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Super Mum

I'd suggest sitting down with hubby and make a pro and con list of both options. During confinement your body is weak so you need someone to help take care of you and baby, and i assume you will feel more comfortable being with your own mother and eating your mother's cooking. He might have his own reason too for example he wants his parents to be able to see the baby and during covid times visitations might be restricted. But I'd say the new mummy's health should be prioritized and thus your choice should be considered.

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