If your baby drinks formula milk, which brand do you prefer and why?
If your baby drinks formula milk, which brand do you prefer and why?
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Nan infinipro hw,since birth Nan na sya til now..I don't know Kung sa milk ba or what pero never sya nagkasakit at never nag constipate,he's 8 mos old now ☺️❤️

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Before S26 ang gamit ni baby, kaso hindi nya halos dinidede. Kaya nag-switch kami sa Enfamil, so far okay naman. Mas gusto nya siguro ang lasa ng Enfamil. 😊

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I gave nestle nan because I was informed by my sister that it is the least sweet among all other brands and it tastes the closest to bm

gold similac before then nag ayaw but ng BF din ako kaso mahina i trier S26 kaso ayaw niya mg try ulet ako iba any suggestions po mommy

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None of the above. I giving ntuc gold. It is cheaper and the nutritional levels are the same or better than some of the more well known brands.

Karihome. It's able to provide immunity to baby too. Very similar to breastmilk. Highly recommended to mother with breastfeeding complication

Herbalife nutrition Formula 1 Milk Shake. It contains 26 essential nutrition for our kid to have for a healthy body, mind as well as soul.

S26 nung first month kasi konti lang gatas ko non. But right now breastfeeding, nagttimpla lang if aalis and hindi ako nkapag pump.

nestogen. kasi aaide from mura, yun lang ang gusto ni baby. ayaw nya nung iba. at thank you sa kanya kasi ayaw nya nung mahal. hehehe

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Similac. It’s the brand that the hospital gave her since day one and so far, my girl likes it and no issues, so I continued.