What can I do to prevent colic?

Baby is about 3 weeks old but she is crying non-stop even after given milk. Doctor suspect is colic, is there anything I can do for her?

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3 weeks is usually when ‘colic’ and other digestive issues starts. • burp is important • consider yu yee oil when tummy’s bloated • take probiotics • ICM ridwind • gripewater (only when necessary) If you are giving FM, consider using something gentler (look for hydrolized protein kind)

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maybe you can try apply yu yee oil on baby's tummy..i apply a few times per day.. OR you can check with the doctor, if the medicine "ICM RidWind" is suitable for your baby. its to drip into the milk for the baby to drink...it helps to reduce the gas in their tummy.

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Pd gave us bifibaby brand probiotic and advised to do tummy massage with ruyi oil