Not yet roll over at 6m

Hi all. My baby, 6m7d old, does not know how to roll over yet. She is very comfortable on her back and has no interests in learning it despite us trying to teach her. But if we were to cross her legs over, she can naturally roll over herself with minimal push from us. Is this a major concern?

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hi mummy! I'd say to just go with the flow. You can intro more tummy time , with baby's favourite toy on her side to encourage her to roll over. my son was the same back when he was at 5 month+. didn't want to flip , roll over. didn't crawl. when the time came, he suddenly did all that by himself and wouldn't stop 🤣 now he's 15 month and he's reached milestones. take it slow mummy . 😊 if it is any concern , you can always consult a pd , but as long as baby is well, I'd say just keep up with her. she probably will start rolling when she feels comfortable or might even skip doing so.

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