Importance of Vaccination Schedule

Are you aware of the risks of missing your child's timely vaccination schedule?  Readiness starts with an awareness of the importance of timely vaccination. The schedule for Immunizations and vaccinations, especially for children, are made by experts to combat diseases caused by bacteria and viruses that can be prevented through vaccination*. While children are born with an immune system that can fight most germs, there are some diseases and other illnesses that the body can’t handle**. Staying up to date with your child’s immunization schedule is a priority. href='/feed/hash/1stimemom'>#1stimemom #BakuNanay

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Yes tama ito, mahalaga na masundan ang schedule. But kung hinde talag, mas mainam pa din na ma catch up. Basta magtanong sa doctor always

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thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing

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congrats on your new baby, mommy :)


Agree 💯