At what age did your babies start standing and then walking without support? My son is 11 months old and he cannot stand for more than 5 secs and can walk only maximum 3 steps, both without support.

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Some babies start walking at 9 months and some only at 18 months. Be patient Sophie. :) He will be ready at his own pace. Try not to show your disappointment when he drops after trying as it will only slow him down because he can sense it. Encourage him with toys along his path or arrange furniture to allow him to walk and hold on to when necessary.

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Most children start walking between 12 to 15 months, so there's still time. Here's a guideline to child developmental milestones. Do note that each child develops at a different pace.

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Dont worry, all child develops at different age differently. My boy is able to walk at 11 mths and gal at 13 mths. However, some of my friends' children can only stand and walk beyond 18 mths. You need to encourage the child more and for them to gain more confident.

Not to worry Sophie. My son also only started standing for a few secs and only walking when holding at that age. Around the age of 1 he got better and soon ran around our apartment.