Are there any must read baby care books/sites/blogs for dads? My husband wants to be fully prepared for our coming baby, so he is looking out for a good comprehensive reading material.

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Hi Darius, I wish there was. Unfortunately even if you read a 100 books your baby will not behave exactly like any of the babies mentioned. Haha. Don't you want your baby to be unique too? Nothing beats the real thing. Parenting is a soft skill that can be guided but not learnt from books. Deciphering a baby's cry is not something that my hubby can grasp, not even until now that my baby is 6 months old. For example books may tell you that when a baby cries for hunger the tongue is usually touching the top of their mouth but it can never tell you what it sounds like in reality. So no shortcut on being a parent. No definitive list and you learn as you go along and read up on the topics where your baby needs extra attention. =P

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Is there a definitive list? Like - these are the 5 (and only 5) books you need to read?