Hi all, appreciate some advice... Baby is 12 weeks old now. I'm worried about his weight gain. He was a small baby at birth (2.5kg) and during his visit to the GP on his first month, he was under the 25th percentile (4kg). However, since then, we've been weighing baby through normal weighing scale and subtract our weight to see baby's weight and noticed that he is barely 5kg now... I have been breastfeeding him exclusively since 2 months old and have been latching him frequently, every hourly. Could it be that I do not produce enough milk for him? Baby has been rejecting bottles with formula milk but has been producing at least 5 wet diapers a day. I'm worried that baby is not gaining enough weight. He doesn't sleep well too. What should I do?

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Don't worry about the latching. I suggest for you to check with the gp on your routine check up. As long as the doctor doesn't raise a concern. A is well.

Latching often is not an issue. What's important is when you go for check up doctor says baby is growing well.