Anyone tried these before? If yes, do you recommend it? Where to buy good and cheap diaper cover to with these?

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Is this those napkin cloths? If yes, i used it frequently as baby have bad rashes. I go to those baby shop beside Amk Polyclinic, but those normal one and tape over it. It's good for diaper rash, do note that, you need to change frequent. Remember to get the liner to put on it.

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5y ago

Just go those baby shop outside Amk polyclinic type, as i don't know where you stay. It's very cheap. Only few dollars only.

the mothercare pic that you posted is not napkins. I have the same one. it's very small muslin to clean top and tail. the size about palm size only. for napkin covers can get from those baby shops. got mine at beauty world

5y ago

I see! Didn't know it's so tiny piece of cloth! How much are those diaper covers then?