infant care

anyone started to look for infant care already ? or is it too early to start looking.

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Strongly suggest to start securing asap... I didn't know that infant care is competitive until prompted by a friend.

Many places are full for 2024 already. Best to start searching and put a deposit to secure the place.

You can start to put in your interest in ECDA website. However, it will be valid for 6 to 8 months.

4mo ago

It is the same website of ECDA. What I mean by interest, it is your preferred centre for your child. Should let say there's availability at the centre, they will let you know. ECDA website will be all the centre like PCF, Skoolz4kidz, etc

i was thinking abt it too.. but i saw somewhere we can only secure a slot 3 mths before our edd?

3mo ago

Yes I’m looking for one too (heard it’s difficult to secure slot), but says can only apply 3 months before EDD. No choice I set an alarm on my phone so I’ll apply immediately once it’s exactly 3 months to my EDD. Hope we get to find one… helper and grandparents out of the qs for me 🥹🥹