Maid sleeping hrs

Can anyone share what time does ur maid wakes up?

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my helper went in room at 8.30pm, start her daily task at 5.30am for weekdays n can rest/nap afternoon when baby nap. Weekend start later cause all of us wake up late too 🤭

About 6am, to feed my noisy hungry cats. Else if my cats don't scream she can sleep til 9am for all i care. They always have a long day.

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6 - 6:30 am on weekdays. I let her sleep longer on weekends till around 8 am

my helper wakes up around 5+am and sleeps latest around 9+pm

mine sleep as early as 730pm and wake up at 730am

6am. Goes to bed at ard 9pm. Every Sunday off

Sleep at 8.30pm and wakes up at 8am..

Helper! It's helper!!!

Helper! It's helper!!!

About 6am