Share maternity leave

Anyone share maternity leave with husband?How to go abt it?

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U will have to submit ur own personal declaration stating that u agree to share leave with ur husband for how many weeks etc… and give the form to ur husband’s HR.. the HR will do the next step..

1mo ago

I rmb u can submit the online declaration to share your maternity leave prior to u deliver. But ur hb can only submit to hr after deliver.

Didn't share cz I wanted more time with my baby. You may want to check:

if u both are working, just inform HR will do HR will be the one submitting the claim

1mo ago

ooh ok.much thanks

If I’m unemployed can my husband take my maternity leave?

1mo ago

your husband has Paternity leave for 2 weeks only.

I think is go to profamily website and submit.


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