Hi, anyone know for skin care product to use during pregnancy, which are the ingredients to avoid? And can use innisfree product? Are they safe? Thank you.

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Im using Sukin Rose Hip products. Its Australian Brand. Can get from watson, guardian etc. U can go google on this brand to read about the products. 😊

Those that contain vitamin A (retinol or its other variants), all kinds of whitening and brightening products cannot use. I am unsure about innisfree products as I do not use them but u can check the ingredient list. So I basically just continue using what I use minus this kind of skincare products. Best not to make too drastic changes to ur skincare products (unless all are the "banned" type), because ur skin is more sensitive now that u are pregnant (some people more sensitive then others). Personally, I am using Laniege water-bank series - so maybe for now u want to just try some water series or other series - avoiding the whitening and brightening series.

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4y ago

So Laniege water bank sleeping mask is ok? Thanks

It's best you check with your doc first before using any product.