FTS shows high risk

Anyone have FTS being done and show high risk? Doing harmony will change the results or no?

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Super Mum

Harmony test has a much higher chance of identifying babies with Trisomy 21 (Downs syndrome) -99%, Trisomy 18 -97% and Trisomy 13 - 92%, as compared to the FTS. It looks directly at the free floating DNA of the baby in mummy’s blood, hence it can see whether there are 3 copies (trisomy) of the above chromosomes. While the FTS tells you the odds that your baby has one of these conditions, the Harmony test has the accuracies stated above to tell you whether your baby has the condition or not. Hence, if your FTS is high risk and you’re keen to know if your baby has Downs syndrome or one of the other 2 conditions (they’re more serious), do the Harmony test, accepting that there’s a small chance of error (because the pick up rate is not 100%). If you decide that you’re going to keep the baby regardless of the test result, and you’d rather not know now, then you can skip the test. Hope everything works out well, dear...

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2y ago

Does it mean that FTS already stands 90% chance of having Down syndrome and doing harmony would be futile ? Doctor did recommend me to do harmony test which has 99% chance. Hopefully the results would turn out otherwise