Dr Tan Lai Kit or Dr Khoo Chong Kiat

Anyone has experience with Dr Tan or Dr Khoo? Are they pronatural gyane? Able to share more on stitching and recovery? My previous gynae stitching took me more than 3 weeks to feel better. Not sure if it's normal.

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Hi mummy! U mean dr tan kai lit from thomson? I just had my emergency csection with him on the 2nd Jan! Everything went super well! I started walking the 2nd day as he will come down and talk to you to try walk slowly. Tubes will be out in order for you to pee straight in the toilet instead of the pee bag. I discharge 3 days after instead of 4. Started walking at home and able to move much more on the 5th day. Today marks my 12th day and just had my stitches removed! He checked and apply cream, No pain at all! Only need to come back and meet him in another 6 weeks! Any concerns on the wound he recommend to come back to him. I was concerned on my scar definitely. But all he did mentioned is to keep washing even he paste the waterproof pad on top of the scar. I was scared if anything happens but nope! He checked the scar just now and say its perfect! Meaning no infection at all! With him, 12days after csection, if u look after ur scar well, they will remove the stitches. If not, they will wait for awhile. But i trust his skills! Will come back to him if i have my 2nd born! ☺️☺️☺️

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4mo ago

thank u mummy!

I definitely recommend dr khoo. I had a normal delivery. His stitch was was very neat, that is what my masseuse told me. Other tham that he is very fun easy to talk with and makes u feel comfortable all the time with all the laughter and jokes..