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Hi, anyone had prior experience w Dr Clara Ong before? Couldn't find much info on the Internet but she seemed not bad when I visited her at her clinic!

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I seen her before and swear won’t see her anymore. I was sent to her as her partner Dr Lee is on HL. I was due for NIPT check and I clearly informed her staff that Dr Lee has provided me test regime to follow so I would like to follow his advise to go straight to the NIPT rather than other test/s. But the staff and dr kept insisted on having one scan before the NIPT. Hence, I went for it after all she’s a doctor though both of my husband and I insisted on having the NIPT rightaway. So, after the scan, she told me “alright! Since the scan looks good, shall we proceed to NIPT?” So I replied her, “since you mentioned the scan looks fine, why would I want to go for the NIPT when my initial decision was go NIPT rightaway?” Of course she replied that she’s a doctor that does a lot of test to ensure baby is fine but she could not answer why she insisted on the scan in the beginning and also could not tell me any medical reason on why I needed that scan before NIPT. Hence at that point, my husband and I were not comfortable for next appointment with her because she is not respecting our decision in the first place. So, we left for second opinion in KKH and never see her ever.

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Now in my 2nd trimester. First saw her at Oasis Terraces Parkway Shenton since I live in punggol. Subsequent visits were at Gleneagles SOG (her main clinic). She is very gentle and assuring, shows genuine concern about my health especially when i was vomitting quite a bit during my 1st trimester. She can deliver at all the Parkway Hospitals, plus Mt Alvernia & TMC.

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Any updates of Dr Clara Ong after you visit her?

Super Mum

SOG is linked to think medical?

Super Mum

Linked to Thomson medical I mean

2y ago

It's linked to Gleneagles but Dr Ong can deliver at thomson also if I'm not wrong