Sharp Shooting Pain In Butt Area On The Right

Anyone experience sharp shooting pain on either side of butt when walking especially? The pain is very intense with every step I take. I'm in third trimester and I can't walk properly and is scared of losing my balance. GP jus said its part of pregnancy. Any Mummies have similar experience and any idea how to alleviate the pain? Pls help!

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Hi, not sure if this helps for u. I will lift up one leg and balance it on a small stool (lower than hip level), while standing up. Hold there for a while, and switch leg. It seems to help me alleviate the pain, esp if I've been sitting down for a long time. :)

Would appreciate any ideas to help relieve the pain as it is affecting my daily life. Can't even go to work now..

Yes its part of pregnancy. The bb weight is making all the pain. Shld go away after delivery

I’m 33 weeks now , recently having the same problem. 😭

yes I do. it went away after 2 days...