Chapped lips

Anyone else experiencing chapped lips during pregnancy? I never had this issue in my pre-pregnancy period. So I feel it's related to pregnancy. I apply lip balm at night and I am keeping myself well hydrated too. Anyone else in similar scenario? What do you guys do?

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I've always had chapped lips until I started applying Laneige lip sleeping mask (the pink one). Works wonders for me, but gotta apply diligently every night. If I forget to apply for two nights in a row, my lips will start drying up and I'll peel until bleed again :( Lip balms, Vaseline never did work for me.

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3y ago

I'll try that then. Yes vaseline and lip balms aren't helping me either. Thanks for the suggestion 😊

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Never drink enough water... By right should drink 2L a day but just how many of us really do that haha.

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I do experience that and was thinking Mayb it’s just me not drinking enough water.

i use lip scrub then lip balm .😁

3y ago

Will check out. Thanks Fatihah 😊